Musculoskeletal Therapy

Musculoskeletal Therapy, as the name suggests, treats the muscle and skeletal system using a mix of Osteopathic and Physiotherapy techniques which strives to create a better functionality. Additionally treatments will  often stimulate peripheral nerve points and reflex points, a gentle yet powerful method, to create better tone,  symmetry and health

$55 1/2 Hr  –  $100 1 Hr  –  $145 1.5 Hrs


Myotherapy, similar philosophy to Musculoskeletal Therapy  but with more emphasis on myofascial release. Essentially it works with the bodies myofascial, muscular and nervous system which aims to: create balance and symmetry;  reduce pain and excessive tightness;  speed healing and to increase mobility and therefore strength.  

$55 1/2 Hr  –  $100 1 Hr  –  $145 1.5 Hrs

Bowen Therapy

Bowen for the most part is a gentle therapy with often profound and surprising results. Shiatsu and Acupuncture practitioners have observed that Bowen makes good use of the meridian systems found in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Bowen moves also work with the bodies nervous system which can have local and/or systemic effects.

$55 1/2 Hr  –  $100 1 Hr  –  $145 1.5 Hrs

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a relaxing (for the most part) soft tissue treatment to reduce the stress hormones and excess muscle tension. It has been shown to improve vascular and lymphatic circulation, joint mobility and skin tone. Many clients we see choose to have a regular remedial massage as a type of maintenance, like servicing your car, to help keep the body happy and healthy. 

$55 1/2 Hr  –  $100 1 Hr  –  $145 1.5 Hr

Zen Healing & Ka Huna

Treat yourself or someone you care for with this treatment which has all the natural benefits of creating calm and removing blocks within the physical and spiritual bodies. This is a great choice for those who feel restricted in their outlook to life, who have some bodily health issues or for those who just need to retreat for a short while to create a more balanced energised perspective. Zen Energetic Healing is a physically gentle treatment however the main focus is to help facilitate an increase in vibration and a connection of higher self. 

 Ka Huna is a more flowing massage using highest quality doTERRA  essential oils and also works  on a spiritual or energetic level that is great for releasing old hurts. 

Zen Energetic Healing

$55 for 1/2 Hr  –  $100 for 1 Hr  –  1.5 Hrs $145

 Ka Huna 

$120 1 Hour, $170 for 1.5 Hours

Sports Trainer & First Aid Service

Sports Trainers for you team or sporting event. Injury prevention strategies,sports massage, strapping, First Aid and pain management

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